Monday, December 21, 2009

So, here it is the week of Christmas, and I am confused. I keep thinking Christmas Eve is on Wednesday. Of course, when I realize it's Thursday I feel like I've gotten an extra day in the week, but I just can't seem to convince my brain that Christmas Eve is Thursday, NOT Wednesday. Weird. In other news, my shopping, wrapping and delivering are done. I did not do cards this year, though. I used to make my own Christmas cards. MAKE them. And I was in college. And it was finals. This year I couldn't even seem to find the energy to write a letter, whether for snail-mail or e-mail. I'm thinking maybe I'll send out an Epiphany letter this year or something. I swear, I used to be organized. At least I thought I was. I don't even have children. I can't imagine how much crazier I'd be if I were trying to balance everything plus a family. I'm impressed with everyone who makes that work. And there you go--my random post. Merry (week of) Christmas!